Is the Messiah's Name Revealed by Prominent Rabbi?

One of Israel's most prominent rabbis, Yitzhak Kaduri, shortly before he died wrote the name of the Messiah on a small note which he requested would remain sealed. When the note was opened, it revealed the name: Yehoshua or Yeshua!

Below is a fascinating 5-minute video detailing the story! Take a few minutes and watch it.

by George Whitten, Watchmen in the Wilderness

2 thoughts on “Is the Messiah's Name Revealed by Prominent Rabbi?”

  1. Watched it twice. Very compelling. What a wonderful gift to our Jewish brethren and maybe some convincing proofs. But …

    I did start me to thinking about a few things.

    First, we know that even Jesus himself doesn't know the day nor the hour he is to come, only the Father knows. Naturally, the day and hour wasn't mentioned. It simply means it's that much closer, but not necessarily immediate. In other words, we know it won't be BEFORE Sharon passes away.

    Second, if the Messiah appeared to him, why didn't the rabbi plainly write his name instead of keeping it in a hidden message? Paul (Jew of Jews) never held back, why should Kaduri? Now, it's possible he may have had his family's safety in mind. But, like Revelation is a letter that was to be spread around and not sealed up.

    All in all, there is much food for thought here. For me, the main message is, the messiah is Jesus (Y'shua), he is Lord and is coming VERY soon. Let's continue to share the good news with the whole world.

  2. If the rabbi had received revelation from Jesus that he would return, why was he — so unlike the Apostle Paul — so hush-hush and veiled about it? Why didn't he begin proclaiming to the masses whom he so influenced the truth that Jesus was and is Messiah? Why didn't he, in the very least, write the name out in the note? Did Jesus reveal himself to the rabbi so that the rabbi could take the revelation to the grave with him? The best the commentator can do is point out that the first letters of the words in one of the sentences spell the long form of the name "Jesus." Perhaps that was just a coincidence and the note was not even intended to reveal the name of Jesus.

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