10 thoughts on “Amazing 8 Minute Video by Two Israelis Explaining the Gospel!”

  1. praise the Lord … The truth proclaimed for all to hear and receive eternal life through trusting in Yeshua. We will pray for you and your ministry.

  2. – God does not give free will choices.
    – God gives Commands to obey.

    Remember? "Thou Shalt Not"

    God told Adam and Eve what trees to eat from and
    what tree not to eat from. This was not a choice but a command.
    They were only free to eat from the trees God told them to eat from.
    They were not free to eat from the other tree.

    The only time in the scriptures God gave His people a free will to do something was when He allowed then to give Him 'a free will offering'.

    So remember God doesn't give choices in whether to obey Him or not.
    God always give Commands for obeying Him.

    So God doesn't give us free will for choosing but
    Commands for obeying.

  3. Feb 2016 Hi George and Rivka, love your site… just watching this today (Yeshua 8 min video) and what a powerful message!! Thank you! I am so blessed to watch the people and places behind speakers. Praise Adonai!!!
    Blessings my friends. Praying for all. Be well. Mary


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