Slain Iranian scientist was working on a nuclear bomb detonator

As the editor of Worthy News, I'm very careful about using credible news agencies to report the news.  Often there's a story that is "interesting", but I'm unsure of the accuracy of the report and thus it doesn't make the headlines.  Today is a prime example of a story that didn't make Worthy News, but it's interesting if proven true.

Daryush Rezaee-Nejad, 35, who died Saturday, July 23, when two motorcyclists shot him in the head and throat in front of his home in Tehran, was a rising star of the new generation of Iranian nuclear scientists. DEBKAfile's Iranian sources disclose he was attached to one of the most secret teams of Iran's nuclear program, employed by the defense ministry to construct detonators for the nuclear bombs and warhead already in advanced stages of development. 

This was another in the series in the past year of mysterious attacks of top-flight scientists attached to the Iranian nuclear program.

Furthermore, neither the experts nor the public has forgotten that only nine months ago, on November 27, 2010, two leading lights of Iran's nuclear program were targeted for assassination by the same method in the middle of Tehran: Prof. Fereydoon Abbassi, whom DEBKAfile identified at the time as director of the uranium enrichment centrifuge facility at Natanz, and Dr. Majid Shariari, whom our sources revealed as in charge of the cyber war against the Stuxnet virus attacking the same facility.

Source – Debka

There's a war being waged behind the scenes, and this is a casualty of war — but I venture to say that there's probably a few scientists working on the Iranian nuclear program — wishing they weren't!

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