Reader's Question: Did you know that Glenn Beck is a Mormon?

Did you know that Glenn Beck is a Mormon. I don't think you do. I am writing because one of the news items that came attached to your very excellent devotional. (thanks). The news item says Glenn Beck was calling people back to God. Well,The Mormons believe that Jesus Christ and Satan are brothers. They also believe that there is no hell. They teach from their own holy book they call The Book Of Mormon ( I have read some). I don't know if you can get youtube, but here are a couple of links that I think you will find interesting. This is 1of 11 segments.

Yes, I know Glenn Beck is a Mormon — I posted it, specifically in the article. I was merely reporting a news event which took place in Washington D.C. where 500,000 people attended. It needed to be reported — and I didn’t think the secular press justified the event in any way shape or form so I decided to go ahead and write the article. I watched the event in its entirety, and it was about Americans gathering on a set of ideals and principles and the core of those principles was based on God. How should I have reported it? Alternatively, I could have ignored it and not reported it at all — as though it didn’t take place?

It was a newsworthy story, and I tried my best to report the event from a Christian perspective. What I saw in the event was a gathering of patriotic, God-fearing Americans standing together on Biblical principles – which should be praised by Christians.

Obama says he ignored Beck rally
One thing the event did demonstrate is what Obama thinks about America. A half million people show up in Washington, and Obama claimed he ignored them? It helped signify to me exactly what Obama thinks of God-fearing Americans.

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  1. Thank you George,
    I can only say I am blessed to read your website and blog. I just do not know which Elohim Glen Beck is calling people to!

  2. I am 75 years old and have been an Ecclesia christian since I was 8 years old. I have met Mormons who have accepted our LORD Yeshua as their Saviour and Redeemer. Maybe Glen Beck is one. Also in the original Mormon church who call themselves The Community of Christ. I have met Eclesia Christians in every denomination in the world and we will not be known by Denominations on that Day of the Resurrection.

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