What goes around – Comes around!

The Obama administration is peeved because sources within the Pentagon are leaking details of a Syrian planned operation. As one administration official put it, “who ever heard of this much talk before an attack? It's bizarre.” What's interesting about the statement is that there was no 'denial' of an attack, but that an attack is being planned, however there are those within the Pentagon trying to sabotage an Obama Administration strike!

When you follow the money … you are ahead of the headlines!

Oftentimes, when I'm analyzing the news, I'm paying attention to the world markets, because you can get an indication of what may take place in the very near future. It's the 'love of money' by the ultra-ultra rich that shakes markets because they simply move markets in a matter of minutes, getting in and out of markets before everyone gets a chance to move.

Negev Garden Project

I just wanted you to take little glimpse of my garden project on our roof! With the concept of an earthbox, and since they don't ship earthboxes to Israel, I created a type of earthbox — the Negev Box — that maximizes the yields of plants while at the same time conserves water.