Is there a prophetic significance to the timing of a war in Syria?

Today, the Iranians announced the installation another 1,000 centrifuges to enrich uranium, it's apparent that the newly installed Iranian president is pressing forward with their dreams of creating a bomb to “eradicate” the Zionist presence from the Middle East.

Meanwhile the Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khameni has warned the West of “dire consequences” if it were to launch a strike against Syria.

If the Iranians don't retaliate, then it would project weakness in the Iranian regime, so be sure they will do all in their power to strike American and Israeli interests throughout the world. If they are able to pull off a significant terrorist attack, then this very well may force Obama to give the Israelis the 'green' light they've been waiting for to take out the Iranian nuclear program.

“Starting this fire will be like a spark in a large store of gunpowder, with unclear and unspecified outcomes and consequences,” the Ayatollah said. His words may very well come to pass!

Concurrently, Syrian army officials were quoted by Fars News Agency, saying if the West attacks Syria, they will have nothing to lose and it will rain Scud missiles on Tel Aviv. If Syria attacks, then you have to expect that the Lebanese will launch everything they have as well. Every missile would be launched simultaneously as the only strategy to defeat the Iron Dome and the Arrow defense missile systems is to overwhelm them with the number of missiles fired! This would force Israel to retaliate in force and thus the first few days of a 'limited' skirmish the US Administration is calling for – will not be a skirmish, but a full blown war!

The Russian media is reporting “intercepted” emails between U.S. Officials detailing how a “false” flag event would be needed to launch an attack against Syria. Whether this is true or not is not as significant as the fact the Russians are engaging in their own propaganda war which means they rejected the Saudi offer.

A few days ago, Saudi Prince Bandar reportedly offered Putin guarantees for their natural gas businesses along with the Russians maintaining control of Tartus, where the only Russian naval base in the Mediterranean is located. However, all signals out of Russia now indicate they have rejected the Saudi offer.

Who could really blame Putin for rejecting Prince Bandar's offer? Putin is a leader who wants to project strength and Russian pride, however one of the scars of his years as the Russian President is the massacre of Russian school children by Chechen terrorists in Beslan.

According to the UK Telegraph article which detailed the Saudi attempts to buy Russian influence in the region, Prince Bandar threatened Putin by sending Chechen terrorists to the Winter Olympic Games in Moscow being held in 2014. Apparently the Saudis indicated to Putin they “control” the Chechens! If this is found to be true, then it only ticked off Putin!

Throughout Putin's reign of power, Chechnya has always been problematic for Putin. For example, when the Russians were at war in Chechnya in 2002, a reporter who was critical of the Russian involvement in the region, asked Putin a question. And Putin responded in a way not understood by Western politicians. He literally told the reporter, “If you are a Christian, you are in danger. Even if you are an atheist, you are in danger, and if you decide to convert to Islam, this will not save you, either, because traditional Islam is inimical to the conditions and objectives set by the terrorists. If you are prepared to become a most radical Islamist and are prepared to circumcise yourself, I invite you to come to Moscow. I will recommend having the operation done in such a way that nothing will grow for you there anymore.” I suppose you can tell a reporter what you really think when you're the Russian president!

A few years later in 2004, reporters told Putin that he should engage in talks with the Chechen terrorists that killed the schoolchildren in Beslan, he responded, “Why don't you meet Osama bin Laden, invite him to Brussels or to the White House and engage in talks, ask him what he wants and give it to him so he leaves you in peace? You find it possible to set some limitations in your dealings with these bastards, so why should we talk to people who are child-killers? No one has a moral right to tell us to talk to childkillers.”

I believe if Prince Bandar had never brought Chechnya into the equation, a deal might have been reached, however, the Prince's overtures if found true, may have only strengthened Putin's resolve, as it was also reported that Putin said, “Our stance on Assad will never change. We believe that the Syrian regime is the best speaker on behalf of the Syrian people, and not those liver eaters,” he said, referring to footage showing a Jihadist rebel eating the heart and liver of a Syrian soldier.

While the West is building up their naval forces in the Middle East, the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged against immediate military action, saying UN inspectors need four more days to complete their work before evidence can be analyzed and then presented to the Security Council. Can you imagine being a UN inspector trying to complete your job after snipers took shots at you earlier this week? If the U.S. takes to heart the advice from the UN, then the earliest for an operation is Sunday evening.

Next week is critical in the timing of events. On Thursday, Obama is scheduled to be in St. Petersburg, Russia, for a G-20 economic summit meeting. Can you imagine being in that meeting if a war broke out? However, if war did break out while world leaders met in Russia it would be a major embarrassment for the Kremlin and would deliver yet another blow to Russian and American relations. The Russian – American relationship is already strained as the Russians gave asylum to NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden.

Would Obama take action specifically during this time? Perhaps he doesn't want to see Putin, and wants to play chess with the former head of the KGB, and make a move before the summit begins or next Thursday, so the G-20 economic summit is canceled in St. Petersburg thus showing his political muscle.

So a delay of four days, would mean an operation that may begin at the earliest on Sunday or Monday and an strike before the G-20 Economic summit of Thursday would be prophetically significant! Why?

Most people do not realize that Israel will begin celebrating the New Year on Rosh HaShannah, beginning on Tuesday evening.

The period of time between Rosh HaShannah and Yom Kippur is known as the “Days of Awe” or in Hebrew as “Aseret Yemei Teshuvah” or the “Days of Repentance!”

According to tradition, the books are opened on Rosh Hashannah, however the deeds done during the “Days of Awe” or the first ten days of the New year, and each year one has the ability to “truly” repent and be found written into the Book of Life. However, if one if found out of the favor of God they are written into the Book of Death.

While this is Jewish Tradition, personally as a believer in the Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus), I realize the Bible declares that my name was inscribed into the Lamb's Book of life as soon as I came to faith.

The potential prophetic significance of the timing of this war certainly indicates we're certainly living in the “days of awe”, and my question to you is simply this, “Is your name written in the Lamb's book of life?”

Your brother in the Lord with much agape love,


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  1. Read your eyes will be opened

    Beginning of End of the World Dec.10, 2000— I awaked at 11:30p.m. After my dream: – In my dream I was in Pakistan in the house with my father, two sisters and daughter. I saw WAR between India and Pakistan, which was a heavy war.
    Mr. Nawaz Sharif and Mrs. Benazir Bhutto controlled the country, at a
    time. As the war proceeded, I heard someone telling me that Pakistan was already winning the war (making my dream short). I heard that America negotiated with Pakistan and India and requested them to stop the war.
    Mrs. Bhutto wants to let the war go until the total destruction of
    India. However, Mr. Nawaz negotiated with America and stops the war from Pakistan side. While the war is still going on, I saw Pakistan is
    totally overcoming India in the war because of some kind of LASER
    technology, which India did not have. After the war was ceased from
    Pakistan side, I saw many helicopters and then followed an uncountable number of small airplanes coming from India flying very near to the earth and started landing in the cities of Pakistan and nobody from Pakistan side stopped them. From those helicopters and airplanes, many women and an Indian Armies start coming out. Even at that moment America was giving courage to the people of Pakistan and Mr. Nawaz Sharif, “DON’T WORRY I’M WITH YOU NOTHING WILL HAPPEN”. I saw the Indian women spreading into the cities mingling with men because the Muslims are very aggressive, while the Indian Armies were taking control of the cities. There were some people who were trying to fight with the Indian Army but the Indians were shooting them very badly and telling them, “ You took over the war and won the war from us, now we took over your country. Who will save you from us”? I saw the people running here and there and very helpless because the Pakistan Armies were on the borders but the
    Indians were already inside the cities. This is how India took over most
    of the Pakistan. I heard from heaven somebody speaking saying, “THE
    LORD TOOK THE REVENGE ON THIS COUNTRY AND THE PEOPLE BECAUSE OF WHAT BAD THEY DID WITH YOU.” Then I awoke I was quite upset. While I was thinking I heard this voice, “It will surely take place just as you have seen.” This is the same voice I heard which told me before about the changing of the govt. of Pakistan the previous two times. This was the same time (11:30p.m.) when I dreamt in 1996 the President of Pakistan dissolved the govt. and at around 5:30a.m; the President really dissolved the govt.

    January11, 2001:- Thursday — Around 4:00p.m. I
    was sitting and meditating outside the house. I got the Lord’s Word
    that, “WHEN Pakistan will be deceived by America and most of the country will be taken by India. Then the Pakistani Administration will cry in front of China and other Muslim countries. The China will help Pakistan and will fight with India. India will ask help to America and they will come to help India. The American troops will use the ISLAND COUNTRIES and other countries surrounding China and will attack China. Then China will use the last option of the war, which is NUCLEAR WEAPONS in order to sweep the American troops and they will destroy the ISLANDS and the countries where the American troops are. Meanwhile, the U.S. GOVT. will call for the help from EUROPEAN, AUSTRALIA and other COUNTRIES on the other side of China. China will call Russia for help. Russia will come to the aid of China and will attack all the allies as well as America with NUCLEAR MISSILES. Those countries will attack Russia and China with the same things.” “The Muslim countries will not join and trust the United State but they will join China and Russia because of what the U.S. had done with Pakistan. Everybody will use the last option and this will be NUCLEAR WORLD WAR.” Muslim countries around Israel will attack at once on Israel and they will take half of the country. U.S.A or no other country will come to the aid of Israel, and then Israel will also use the nuclear power against and turn them into desolations forever.
    This is already set by the LORD.” How many people will survive on the
    earth? 1. Those people who committed their lives to the Lord the God of Israel and never ran after the worldly things and riches. 2. Those that walked with the Lord and have a faith like SHADRACH, MASHACH, and ABEDNEGO. 3. Those who are wearing the clothes of righteousness of LORD JESUS CHRIST. This fire will not touch them and they will see their SAVIOUR coming down from HEAVEN because they were already refined more than the purest gold and will stay in HIS KINGDOM.

    Some facts and signs

    Dec.10, 2000— I awaked at 11:30p.m. After my dream: – In my dream I was in Pakistan in the house with my father, two sisters and daughter. I saw WAR between India and Pakistan, which was a heavy war. Mr. Nawaz Sharif and Mrs. Benazir Bhutto controlled the country, at a time. As far now, Pakistan is ruled by Mr. Nawaz Sharif as a Prime Minister and the HUSBAND of Benazir Bhutto Mr. Asif Ali Zardari as a President. It never happened in the history of Pakistan that these two parties were ruling Pakistan at a time. As the Lord Most High showed and told me in December 10, 2000 that Pakistan would be ruled by these two parties and now in 2013 it fulfilled what the Lord Most High said. What is the next? And the answer is WAR. Pakistani parliament to elect Nawaz Sharif as PM By MUNIR AHMED and REBECCA SANTANA ISLAMABAD (AP) — Pakistan's parliament is set to elect Nawaz Sharif as prime minister on Wednesday, completing a historic transition of power in the country's coup-riddled history. As the new premier, Sharif will face a mountain of problems, including militant attacks and an unprecedented power crisis. The vote in the National Assembly is something of a formality as Sharif is expected to win handily after his party's victory in the May 11 polls. After the vote, he is to be sworn in during a ceremony with the president, making him the country's first prime minister to serve for a third time.
    Wednesday's vote marks a turnaround for the 63-year-old Sharif, who was ousted from office in 1999 in a military coup. He spent nearly eight
    years in exile, mostly in Saudi Arabia, and five years in the opposition
    before regaining the prime minister's office. Sharif's Pakistan Muslim
    League-N party won the May 11 parliamentary elections, securing 176
    seats in the 342-member law-making lower house. The former ruling
    Pakistan People's Party and the party of cricketer-turned-politician
    Imran Khan have also fielded candidates against Sharif for the vote in
    parliament. Several small parties announced Wednesday that they would support Sharif, who served twice as prime minister in the 1990s. "We will have no problem in getting Nawaz Sharif elected as the prime
    minister," said Ahsan Iqbal, a senior lawmaker from Sharif's party. But
    if the vote will be easy, solving the problems that Pakistan faces will
    not be. Over the last five years of the previous administration, power
    outages — some as long as 20 hours — have plagued the country. People suffer through sweltering summers, and in recent years gas shortages in the winter have left people unable to heat their houses. Companies struggle to find a way to run businesses without a reliable source of electricity. Sharif and his team of advisors, well aware that they were elected on the expectation that they'd solve this issue, have been meeting continuously with officials from the country's power-related industries and interim government officials from affected ministries.
    "We will do whatever is possible to overcome the energy crisis," said
    Sharif's brother, Shehbaz Sharif, while speaking to reporters in the
    capital of Islamabad. Sharif's brother is expected to be elected
    Thursday as chief minister of Punjab province, the PML-N's stronghold. When it comes to ties with the U.S., Sharif has sent mixed messages about what type of relationship he'll pursue. The U.S. and Pakistan have differed in the past over how to best pursue peace in Afghanistan and how to deal with militants in Pakistan's tribal areas. During an interview with reporters shortly after his election, Sharif said he wants good relations with the United States but criticized American
    drone strikes on militants as a violation of the country's sovereignty.
    After an American drone strike killed the deputy commander of the
    Pakistani Taliban, Waliur Rehman, last Wednesday, Sharif expressed "deep disappointment" in the strike. The statement called the strike a
    violation of Pakistan's sovereignty and international law.

    Other facts
    and signs Why Benazir Bhutto was been assassinated??? Read this Letters and you will find the answer….

    Subject: You can surely be a Prime Minister, if you read and obey.

    August 9, 2005

    Dear Ms. Benazir Bhutto,

    The last time I wrote you were Monday, 6 October 2003. I gave you the Lord God Almighty’s message, which I received and the Lord Commanded me to write you, in which the Lord said, “Write to Ms. Benazir Bhutto that, present President of Pakistan General Pervaiz Musharraf will be assassinated and you Ms. Benazir Bhutto need to come to me so that I’ll put my hand on your head and pray so that you’ll be again Prime Minister of Pakistan and you’ll do the things what the Almighty God wants”.
    Unfortunately! Your system took that message but you didn’t answered me properly because you took all the things very lightly, the one I wrote. As I told you the God’s message that. “The Pakistan’s President Pervaiz Musharraf will be assassinated” and the last time I wrote you were October 6 2003 and in December 2003 two times in 10 days suicidal bombers attacked Pakistan President Pervaiz Musharraf and he was closely escaped and even afterward he had been attacked. BUT you still did not give ear to the message of God, which I gave you. Even though the Pakistan President Pervaiz Musharraf has been survived many times from his assassination but the Lord God Almighty said, “As long as the Lord God Almighty the Eternal One lives, surely Pakistan President General Pervaiz Musharraf would be assassinated”. Now its August 9, 2005
    and it’s about a week I’m again started receiving the message from the
    Eternal One and the Lord said to write you and the message is this, “The Lord said, you Ms Benazir Bhutto need to come to me in Philippines and I the servant of Most Holy God will put my hand on your head and will pray over you and I’ll tell you the message of the Lord which you have to obey after you’ll be Prime Minister of Pakistan”. Now I’ve to tell you that this is the last and final time I’m writing you. This is up to you that you believe or not. If you’ll obey surely the Lord will let you be Prime Minister of Pakistan BUT if you’ll not listen and obey this
    time, which is extremely short time. The Lord God Almighty said, “You or neither your generations will ever come on this seat again”. “DECISION IS YOURS”
    By the way I have to tell you this that I’m not a magician witch, fortuneteller or any such other things like them. But I’m a little servant of God, the God of Bible. I’m a servant whose rejoice to work and serve HIM without any reward. And for my faithfulness the Almighty God shows me HIS great plans what HE is going to do in the world.
    The second thing I’ve to tell you that if you’ll not believe and think that you’ll go to the shrines or tombs of your saints like Data or somebody else where you’ll pray or let somebody pray so that you’ll be Prime Minister again; it’s my open CHALLENGE “TRY YOUR BEST IN YOUR LIFE TIME” and let me know when you succeeds. Let me tell you also that you lost your Governments two times without finishing your turn specially last time in 1996 even though the President Farooq Lagari was yours. Since you went every well-known shrine and tombs in Pakistan and prayed there in order to successfully run your Government and complete your turn. BUT you did not realize that
    God is a God of Living ones not of the dead and you are supposed to
    pray to the God of the livings not of dead.
    Finally I have to tell you! It’s up to you that you’ll come to me according to the Lord’s Command and I’ll put my hand on your head as the Lord God Almighty said and pray over you and tell you what you have to do once you’ll be Prime Minister. ……OR You’ll run here and there, on the shrines and tombs or somebody like that, in Pakistan or anywhere in the world.

    The servant of Most High, Elijah – the prophet.

    After her assassination her party won and they start ruling Pakistan and her husband became the President. Now May 2013’s Election her party badly lost and Mr. Nawaz Sharif won. This is also happening because the Lord Most high told me to write Mr. Nawaz Sharif letter which I’m going to put below….. Form Confirmation Thank you for submitting the following information: Username: Shahadat Saddique UserEmail: UserTel: +639158696724/+639157871863 (sorry I'm not using these numbers any more) UserFAX:
    N/A Comments God Said that you (M. Nawaz Sharif) are going to be the Prime Minister of Pakistan, you must run for the Prime Minister seat. God has assigned you for His very important work which is going to be written as a new chapter in the world history. If you want to know for what reason God has chosen you to be the Prime Minister of Pakistan you must come in Philippines. God has Commanded me to place my hand on your head and pray over you and tell you all the things what you are going to do once He will make you a Prime Minister. I'm the same person who wrote you years ago about this and I'm writing you again. You must obey the Command of God; no power in the world can stop you becoming the Prime Minister of Pakistan once you'll obey what God is telling you to obey. I'm willing to reveal you about Benazir Bhutto why she was assassinated because she disobeys the Command of God. God told me in 2003 and 2005 and I wrote her on, the letters in which I told her that she must obey the Command of God and I'll place my hand on her head and she'll be the Prime Minister of Pakistan and if she won't obey she neither her any family member will ever will reach on this seat
    again. She can try her best in her whole life. All things happened in
    her life as God told me. For you, I request you to obey the Command of God because I'm only a small servant of the Most Holy God and it’s my whole duty to obey Him and give the messages of God to whom He's Commanding me to give. Now it’s up to you if you obey or not, I've done my job, I'm not going to answer the Lord any more. It’s you who is going to answer Him if you will not obey as Benazir Bhutto gave. This man Mr. Nawaz Sharif even he never came to me for prayer…. Now what is going to happen next is ………… Just all from the start and you will know all the plan of the Most High God, the God of Israel the Creator of everything and the Ruler of all the nations…

    Some other facts and signs Now I want to share with you the fulfillment, which is already, has started what the Lord God of Israel showed me.
    1. After the Lord showed me
    about the war, there was a time when Pakistan and India was already on the top edge of the nuclear war but in between came the U.S.A and that’s what according to the Lord’s Word that U.S.A will come in between the Pakistan and India. Even though the U.S.A has brought the two countries into peace process but according to the Lord’s Word, “When the people will be saying, ‘Peace, peace, peace’ sudden destructions will come”, and even U.S.A is not going to know what really going to happen suddenly.

    2. The earthquake in 2005 Pakistan brought the Indian armies and secret agents in the cities of Pakistan who came in the shape
    to the help of Pakistani people, while the Pakistani armies were on the
    borders and this was also from the Lord. This is the same area called
    Kashmir where Pakistan and India were fighting for more than 60 years, but when the Lord touched the land as according to the Lord’s plan what HE showed me – “The Indian armies are already in the cities without war and the U.S.A is in between telling both countries DON’T WORRY I’LL HELP YOU”. Look and read this was all what the Lord said and I wrote and it’s already happening. The Lord said, “Half of Israel, Muslims will take over and U.S.A will not help Israel”. You can see Israel is start giving their own Promised Land, with their own hands to the Arabs starting from Gaza and it started this year and it’s all happening because U.S.A is pressurizing the Israel to give her land to the terrorists – as the Lord said, “U.S.A will not help Israel”. One
    important thing is this that when Israel withdraw from Gaza and hand
    over that piece of land to the Muslim terrorists, uncountable Muslims
    terrorists entered in that place from Egypt and other Muslim countries
    bringing their deadly weapons. In my visions what I saw they were
    bringing chemical and biological weapons and they will be finding a good time to use against the Jews. I believe this is the worst part. April
    9, 2005 Sabbath 1am: – I awoke before 1am with a dream about my
    relatives. After I awoke and praying I use the bathroom and return on my bed to sleep. The Lord showed me a vision and the Lord said, “write what you have seen don’t sleep yet”. Since last week of March 2005 and whole 1st week of April 2005 the Lord continually showed me a vision and spoke to me the same things. The vision and message the Lord is giving was so heavy on me that I use to share each day with my wife and friends. My friend told me that since the Lord is showing and telling you the same thing every day again and again this means this word is sure and sealed.

    The vision and message is this, ‘The Lord use to show me the destruction of Syria and every day I use to hear this word from the Lord, ‘The Lord is going to make the Syria as the mud of the street and Assad Bashir and his generations are not going to be found on
    earth anymore’. Many times I heard from the Lord, ‘When I’ll be praying
    for Israel, in Israel, the Lord will do this to Syria. It’s not by the man’s hand or power but the Lord’s powerful hand will do this that Syria will be as the mud of the street and Assad Bashir’s generations are not going to be found on earth because they have done too bad to Israel, which is more than enough’. My friend told me days ago, ‘Why don’t you write and tell this message to Israeli people in Manila. And I replied
    him, ‘you don’t know they don’t want to see my face even, how can I
    speak to someone and who will listen to me? He said then, ‘you better
    write to the Rabbis and send them e-mails. But I was so much busy in my small business that I’ve no time to write this message on the paper but at night the Lord told me to write and I wrote. Now what is happening in Syria it’s all in front of you.
    What you think about me after reading this???? It’s all up to you.

  2. We certainly live in interesting times. I believe that if this does turn into an international or world war, this could fulfill the prophecy of the destruction of Damascus. I believe this is possibly what will set up the final beast empire from which the Antichrist will arise.

  3. Why is the US even in Syria? Let that country do what it wants to do. Obama is t the president of the world!!! He should be concentrating on our people and solving our problems.
    I voted for Obama to make the US a better place to live. To make medical needs affordable for all of us. To help provide jobs for everyone. To make our water safe to drink. I didn't vote for him to mess with other countries.

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