Iranian Revolutionary Guard Publishes "Theoretical" Testing of a Nuclear Bomb

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard published an article on it's website praising the thought of testing a nuclear bomb. Below is a full translation of the article.

The day after Iran's first nuclear test is a normal day.

The day after Islamic Republic of Iran's first nuclear test will be an ordinary day for us Iranians but in the eyes of some of us there will be a new sparkle.

It's a good day. It's seven in the morning. The sun is not fully up yet but everywhere is bright. In the northern hemisphere many countries are beginning the day…

The day before, probably in central deserts of Iran, where once Americans and some other Western countries wanted to bury their nuclear waste, an underground nuclear explosion has taken place. The strength of the explosion was not so great as to cause severe damage to the region nor so weak that Iranian scientists face any problems in running their tests.

Today is a normal day like any other. Like 90% of the year, there is news about Iran, and these are the headlines which can be seen on foreign news sites:

Reuters: Iran detonated its nuclear bomb
CNN: Iran detonated nuclear bomb
Al-Jazeera: The second Islamic nuclear bomb was tested
Al-Arabia: The Shia nuclear bomb was tested
Yahoo! News: Nuclear explosion in Iran
Jerusalem Post: Mullahs obtained nuclear weapon
Washington Post: Nuclear explosion in Iran, Shock and despair in Tel Aviv

Meanwhile, the domestic media will offer many congratulations to the Hidden Imam and the Supreme Leader:
Keyhan: Iran's first nuclear bomb was tested
Jomhoori-e-eslami: Iran successfully carried out a nuclear test
Iran: By order of the president, Iran's 100% homemade nuclear bomb was tested
Ettela'at: Iran's much anticipated nuclear bomb exploded

The news commotion will not knock life in Iran off balance. Civil servants will punch in at work on time as always, while some will be late as always. …The day after the Islamic Republic of Iran's first nuclear test will be an ordinary day for us Iranians but in the eyes of some of us there will be a new sparkle. A sparkle of national pride and strength.

So it seems that Iran is preparing its public for the eventuality of testing nuclear weapons and how it would be viewed around the world. We're certainly living in interesting times!

2 thoughts on “Iranian Revolutionary Guard Publishes "Theoretical" Testing of a Nuclear Bomb

  1. It may be even more likely that Iran will NOT test its nuclear bomb in Iran but will test it on the one city it names above — Tel Aviv.

  2. It appears that they are very close to actually testing one, and someone in the IRG is so excited that he could not resist placing it in the web… of interest is the fact that it claims "little damage"..well a nuke gives off tremendous amount of power so most likely this test will be underground similar to the NK testing. Also the fact that he claims "congratulations to the hidden iman"… tie in all the other events in Iran and how Ahmadinejad has been acting in the past weeks and months.. also the video that has been released, leads me to believe this is real and it is a matter of time. As Ecclesiastes 3:1 states there is a time and a purpose for everything under heaven… I pray that all the true believers in our Lord of Host, rely and place their trust on our Lord before the Day of the Lord, and that the Jewish people realize that the battle is the Lords and He will fight for them… remember the days of Asa .. and also how the Lord helped Israel in the 1967 war….and 1973 war, He will also help them in this coming war and all will know that there is a God in heaven and His name is the Lord of Hosts the God of Israel. May Yeshua open their eyes so they can see that greater are they who are with them than what the enemy has.

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