Are you looking back? Remember Lot's Wife!

white-house-gay-prideAs this shocking Supreme Court decision on Gay marriage settles into the nation, I'm reminded of the passage in Luke where Yeshua (Jesus) told us one of the final signs of His return. He said it would be like the days of Lot. While many of us are grieving over this decision, it should be a reminder to those of us who know the Lord, that His words are being fulfilled to the detail, every jot and tittle! And THAT is exciting news.

The Water Breaking Moment?

Illustration Featuring a Pregnant Woman Holding a ClockIn Matthew 24, Yeshua (Jesus) makes an interesting correlation between the end of the age and a woman giving birth. [Matthew 24:8]. As the birth of a baby draws near, the birth pangs intensify, and the timing between pangs becomes shorter and shorter, eventually leading to the climatic moment of birth. The world is now in the middle of a prophetic birthing cycle. No one can deny that the birth pangs have been intensifying , but the key to knowing that birth is near is that moments before a baby is born, the WATER BREAKS. I believe we are about to embark on that pivotal moment in history.

Prophetic Calendar for 2015

calendar-imageAs requested by many and after much prayer and research, I have compiled a list of significant events over which we must be praying in the coming months.

By listing these events, let it be known that it is NOT in any way my intention to produce fear. Fear is not of God — for He has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, of power and a sound mind. The following is only for a matter of awareness and prayer.

Be Watching!

When I started Worthy News, I founded it on this word in Luke's gospel:– “Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.” – Luke 21:36 Foundational to our ministry is the call to watch and pray, especially concerning world developments.

What could have been…

Yesterday, a retired Israeli general was quoted as saying that the Obama Administration stopped Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's plans to destroy Iran's nuclear program. Perhaps, Israel striking Iran would have set of a Middle East war – and started WW3. However, if Israel had succeeded then the head of the Shiite fundamentalist movement would have been cut off! The funding for Assad's government which is barely surviving economically would have been cut off! However, we find ourselves a year later, Iran closer to the bomb – and the situation in Syria even more cataclysmic!

What goes around – Comes around!

The Obama administration is peeved because sources within the Pentagon are leaking details of a Syrian planned operation. As one administration official put it, “who ever heard of this much talk before an attack? It's bizarre.” What's interesting about the statement is that there was no 'denial' of an attack, but that an attack is being planned, however there are those within the Pentagon trying to sabotage an Obama Administration strike!